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John Kim

Co-Director, Boston Branch

John is the co-director of the Boston Branch. John brings a wealth of experience to the team, with previous jobs at Tous Les Jours and a successful fro-yo store. Planning for a career in public health, John knows that caring for other people starts with his own community. He is committed to continuing serving front-line workers, elderly people, and homeless residents in the Boston area for as long as he is able to.


John Chin

Co-Director, Boston Branch

John is the Co-Director of the Boston Branch along with John Kim. With a lifelong sweet tooth, John is the team's experimentalist, constantly trying out new recipes, buying new ingredients, and ironing out the perfect recipe and cooking methods. Currently, John is hooked on salted toffee chocolate cookies. He wants to pursue a career in computational neuroscience.



Manager, Boston Branch

Isaiah, affectionately known by the group members as the "Pirate King," is irreplaceable in the Boston branch with his financial oversight and management of public relations. A natural entrepreneur, Isaiah is constantly seeking innovative ways to help the community. His latest project, Producing Good, helps transfers leftover baked goods from bakeries to homeless shelters. He is also a passionate singer and performer.

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