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Spreading Joy​ One Cookie at a time...


Our Idea

COVID-19 has completely changed our lives, and we want to do anything we can to help!

Our commitments

We are dedicated to encouraging local communities through our baked goods!

Get Involved

Help us continue our work by donating and spreading the word!

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Our Methods

At Baked Blessings, we bake cookies with love and thoughtfulness. For us, health is top priority, and we try to create the cleanest environment for our baking! We package the cookies into individual, plastic wrappers and put them into paper bags for delivery. To show our gratitude and our thoughts for them, we also include short notes of thank you and encouragement. In all that we do, we hope that the people who receive our cookies can know that we care and think of them during these hard times!


High Schoolers with a purpose

Because of COVID-19, many of us were unable to continue our extracurricular activities. We were forced to stay home and had a lot of time on our hands. As we talked, we realized that we all wanted to help our community in this time of need. We wished to do something simple and impactful.


We encourage you to find ways to bring happiness to your communities. The opportunities are endless!

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