Top Executive, Founder

Isaac is the culinary director and primary founder of Baked Blessings in Alaska. It was Isaac who decided to take action in baking non-profit goods for front-line workers, elderly people, and homeless residents. Through many years of experience, he has perfected the art of the chocolate chip cookie, which he has now put to use in serving the community of Fairbanks.



Product Manager

Josiah is co-founder and product manager of Baked Blessings. Josiah has put his technological and artistic skills to use in creating and designing the Baked Blessings website and merchandise. Josiah has passionately poured out his heart into Baked Blessings and wants to serve the community of Fairbanks that he knows and loves. 



Economic Adviser

Ezra is passionate for helping others. He has traveled the world living in various places from Philadelphia, Boston, The Republic of Georgia, and Fairbanks, Alaska. But the common theme has been his desire to reach out to others, using his resources for good. He has volunteered at a daycare for children with Down Syndrome, taught an economics class to Georgian refugees, ran basketball clinics for missionary children in the Republic of Georgia, performed concerts at convalescent homes, and is now a co-founder of Baked Blessings. 




Peter is a passionate art lover and avid tennis player. He specializes in pencil and pen sketches of different styles. He plays varsity tennis for Lathrop high school. He aspires to someday become an architect and design inspiring structures and monuments. Through Baked Blessings, Peter hopes to help in any way that he can during this difficult time of global pandemic. 



Communications Director

Ian is the communications director of Baked Blessings. A scientific whiz and eager learner at heart, Ian has decided to use his communication skills to serve the community of Fairbanks. 




John is a cornerstone of Baked Blessings. He wants to become a doctor, and has begun serving the community by baking cookies to help those in need. John has a passion for medicine and hopes to make the world a better place. 



Top Website Designer

Combining his love of coding and his care for his community, Isaiah Choi has joined Baked Blessings as one of the website designers. He is one of the most passionate learners of computer science one will ever meet, and this had combined with his technological expertise to help create our website. 




Andrew is a young but ambitious student in high school. He wants to study in the medical area and become a doctor. Andrew is ecstatic when it comes to making cookies. He is optimistic in the future of donating cookies to the community, will spread love throughout the area. He looks forward to every second to help bake, pack, and give cookies, sometimes even eat them. ​



Assistant Baker 

John is passionate in the arts. From music to painting to baking, he loves committing to anything creative. Through Baked Blessings, John is happy to give back to his community during Covid-19, and support the front line workers and those in need.




Only a freshman in high school, David is one of the website designers. An avid learner, he quickly gained experience through self-study, summer programs, his parents, and his first AP class, computer science. Now, he has realized that his future calling comes in serving his community through coding. In Baked Blessings, he actively updates and addresses problems on the website.



Art Designer

Matthew Kim has an interest in art and enjoys putting his artistic abilities to help Baked Blessings. He enjoys playing basketball, reading books, and drawing. Through his work in Baked Blessings, Matt hopes to bring joy and a moment of happiness through each cookie.